I am swiss choreographer living and working in Geneva. I start a three month residency at CERN as part of the program collides@cern.

The opportunity to be in contact with what is the largest scientific experiment in the world in my own city is extraordinarily fascinating as well as intellectually challenging. It is only after my first visits that I realized how huge is the task of the search that has been set at cern and the number of international experts involved in this gigantic experiment. I am discovering how ambitious is their task and the number of  discoveries made almost daily. If the scientists are capable of producing an amount of energy that has not been around in the universe since the big bang it is an extraordinary passion that drives them  billions years later!

Passion is what we share and a choreographer deals with time and space while Cern scientists deal with movement and space at sub atomic levels. Every thing moves, we are matters and huge forces that we are unable to feel hold our atoms together.  Conceptually, for a choreographer to realize that the major force of nature I am dealing with everyday is the weakest of all is mind blowing.  The concepts in particle physics are so abstract that one must totally disconnect form its personal experience to apprehend them.

A brief introduction to my trayectory

I work in the field of contemporary dance. Born last sibling of a family of four, my father Arthur Jobin was an abstract geometrical painter. On my mother’s side my grandfather was a journalist and as the Marti family was living in Belgium in the thirties, Albert Einstein taught my uncle Walter to ride a bicycle!

From a young age I felt attracted to performing art and I started to study dance when I was 16 years old. After dancing professionally for about 10 years I started my own company in 1995. Since then I have produced about 15 full length pieces. My wife  La Ribot is also a well know choreographer and performer, we have two boys aged 16 and 6. After living in Madrid and London we moved back to Geneva in 2004. I have now a permanent dance studio called Studios 44 located in downtown Geneva, where I do most of my rehearsals. I benefit of a regular funding from the City of Geneva, the State of Geneva and Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council, and I am associated artist to Bonlieu Scène Nationale in Annecy, France. My work is  presented internationally and my company is considered as being one of the leading independent companies in Switzerland.

My website: www.gillesjobin.com