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To celebrate the end of Gilles Jobin’s residency at Cern, the Cie Gilles Jobin and the Orchestre de Chambre de Genève are very happy to offer 20 invitations for Cern staff to the opening of the season of the OCG at the BFM on the 2nd of October.

Cie Gilles Jobin will be presenting at 19h the piece Shaker Loops, with Susana Panades Diaz, Isabelle Rigat and Gilles Jobin, music John Adams performed by the OCG under the direction of David Greilsammer.

After the 35mn piece of John Adams, the evening continues with a program of conert by OCG Mozart, Beethoven, Marais and Pelzel.

To apply for the invitation please write to The first twenty persons to reply will receive one invitation! Please mention “Shaker Loops Invitation” on the email.

Detail info on the OCG website


Here you can see some photos of last week  Strangels performance @ the Anti Mater Hall


Here you can see some photos of last week  Strangels performance @ the Centre de Calcul.


I had the nice surprise to discover that in this nice  book I bought at the Lyon Dance Bienal to explain dance to children “La Danse Racontée Aux Enfants” has a small photo of my 2008 piece “Text To Speech“. Check it out!






Making more than a big bang: art and science collide at CERN

Ariane Koek, head of arts development at CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, on how arts and science can co-exist.


Dear Arts Interested at CERN

Please find enclosed details of the final intervention by Collide@CERN choreographer in residence, Gilles Jobin.

With thanks to the anti matter experiments in Building 193, there will be an intervention this coming Wednesday between 12.30-1400.

See what happens when dancers enter the anti matter experimental hall….


 Pina Baush

Cafe Muller (v2) – YouTu#2AC8D2

 Merce Cunningham

Episode 2 Dancing for Me#2AC7B5


Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan Dancers -#2CC539

 Martha Graham

Martha Graham Night Jour#2CC4B1


DANSE LIBRE mazurka n°5 #2ACC5B


Danses libres | Intervie#2ACB92

 Maguy Marin

maguy marin-EDEN.webloc

maguy marin TURBA.webloc

maguy marin-MAYBE.webloc

 La Ribot

Piezas Distinguidas (a s#2AC54B

 Gilles Jobin



 My generation

iFeel de Marco Berrettin#2CCC07

Robyn Orlin.webloc

VIOLET – Meg Stuart/Dama#2ACCE5

Mal nommer les choses…#2CCEA4

 Reflective dance

Veronique Doisneau 1 – Y#2AC641

OLGA DE SOTO – ‘historia#2ACB0E

Cristian Duarte-100.webloc

Forsythe syncronous objects







Cie Gilles Jobin website
Gilles Jobin CERN blog

La Ribot website

Motion Bank, a Forsythe Company project


Cie Gilles Jobin Vimeo channel
full length and excerpts

Dancetech TV
Marlon Barrio’s social network with a great collection of first hand interview produced by Dancetech TV and full length pieces.

Merce Cunningham Dance Company
A fantastic collection of interviews, extract of pieces etc…

Ubu web
Rare films. oldies  and documents

Numeridanse TV
French web tv with many dance videos, Pina Baush etc…


Le Voyage de Moebius (2001) Luc Peter
52 mn Documentary following the creation of The Moebius Strip
with english subtitles

Préliminaires: Gilles Jobin, chorégraphe (2008)
26 mn Swiss french TV on the creation of Black Swan

La Ribot Distinguida (2003) Luc Peter
60mn dpcumentary on the “piezas Distinguidas ” by La Ribot


Centre National de la Danse Paris
Dance studios and ressource center in Paris, library etc..

Association Vaudoise de Danse Contemporaine

Social network of the profesional dancer of the lake geneva region
A Cie Gilles Jobin’s project: Mapping of the context for contemporary dance in South America


La Bâtie Festival de Genève

Association Danse Contemporaine Genève (ADC)
Dance space in Geneva with a regular program of contemporary dance

Theatre de l’Usine Genève
Alternative space with a regular program of cutting edge and newcomers


Exibition “je danse donc je suis” Centre Pompidou Paris
Relation between visual art and contemporary dance

Exibition: Move choreographing you
Hayward Gallery London, Seoul, Munich…
Choreographers as visual artists, audience as actor of the dance

Dance is a Weapon/CND Paris
1930’s political and socially engaged american choreographers


Journal de l’ADC Genève (french) (gratuit)

Danser Magazine (french-not distributed in CH)

Mouvement (french)
Cutting edge Arts vivants magazine


Larousse – Dictionnaire de la danse*
The largest dictionnary for dance (in french)

André Lepecki
Exausting Dance: Performance and the politic of movement
Dance (Whitechapel: Documents of Contemporary Art)

Susan Buirge (American choreographer’s auto biography)
Une Vie dans l’Espace de la Danse

Philippe Noisette (french dance critique)*
Talk About Contemproary Dance (english and french version)

Jonhathan Burrows (english choreographer)
A Choreographer’s handbook

La Ribot – Parcours d’artiste*
(by La Ribot, engish and french,  with text from André Lepecki, Laurent Goumarre, Adrian Heathfield, José A. Sánchez et Gerald Siegmund )

François Frimat (french philosophe)*
Qu’est ce que la danse contemporaine) Politiques de l’hybride

Rosita Boisseau (french dance critic)*
Panorama de la danse contmeporaine (100 hundred choreographers)

Laurence Louppe (frech dance theorist)
Poetique de la danse contemproaine

Laure Guibert
Danser avec le IIIème Reich

Geisha Fontaine
Les Danses du Temps
Un questionnement philosophique et artistique sur la singularité de la notion de temps en danse contemporaine

Dance is a Weapon / CND exibition catalogue

Sally Banes
Terpsichore en Basket, Post Modern Dance

Valeska Gert  (German choreographer 1930’s- auto biography)
Je Suis Une Sorcière

Annie Suquet
L’éveil des modernités-Une histoire culturelle de la danse

And many more interesting book at the Paris CND website.

* Gilles Jobin mentioned in book

Gilles Jobin music for his dance pieces

Franz Treichler and The Young Gods

Cristian Vogel
Black Swan (2009)

Cristian Vogel
Double Deux + Delicado (2007)

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